26th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference

May 27th - 29th, 2015, Winnipeg, MB

Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown

Abstracts & Moderators

Call for Moderators - NOW CLOSED

Thank you to all those who put their names forward for the role of moderator. The Organizing Committee will be in touch with you very soon.

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Role of Moderator

The Program Committee is seeking expressions of interest for moderators for concurrent sessions at the CBS Conference. Moderated sessions will consist of three 15 minute oral presentations, grouped by theme. The presentations will be followed by a combined-30 minute discussion period, facilitated by the moderator. There will be a separate timekeeper.

The moderator will be someone with relevant background who is knowledgeable about the theme of the concurrent session. Following the oral presentations, the moderator will provide a brief (maximum 3 minute) commentary, during which he or she will draw insights from and connections between the presentations, and make contributions from his or her own experience. The moderator will then moderate questions from the floor, possibly beginning the conversation with some prepared questions to stimulate discussion. The moderator will ensure that the discussion is, as much as possible, inclusive of the 3 presenters and that time is shared fairly among the participants in the room.

Abstract Categories

Standard Concurrent Sessions
(20 min + 10 min moderated discussion)

Theoretical Sessions
(30 min + 15 min question period)

(60 min workshop)

  1. the names and institutional affiliations of the workshop leader and co-presenter(s);
  2. a brief description of the workshop’s general theme and purpose;
  3. a draft agenda; and
  4. the learning objectives for the participants.

Poster Presentations


The conference theme: Shadows and Light: Bioethics and Human Rights, invites presenters and participants to contemplate a broad canvas of ethical concern from the particular and familiar encounters of traditional domains in bioethics – patient and caregiver/subject and researcher relationships - to the global stage.

Bioethics strives for a common language to express a universally shared framework for addressing problems that plague and challenge humankind. Bioethics and human rights endeavors both grapple with basic issues of human nature, human equality and human dignity. This conference opens the door, and hopefully the imagination, to identification, analysis, evaluation, discussion and debate of matters that illustrate the interplay of bioethics and human rights in:

Topics for the 2015 conference include:




Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts (Call for Abstracts now CLOSED)

General Instructions

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